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RFS 10/50 Zone Explained

words by George Hempel @The Tree Surgeon Professionals

RFS 10/50 Zone Explained

What is the 10/50 Rule introduced by the Rural Fire Service post-2013 bushfires? George dives deep into its significance in this enlightening talk. From the 10-meter tree removal zone to the 50-meter shrub clearance area, George breaks down the essentials. Discover how easy it is to check your eligibility on the RFS website and navigate potential exceptions for culturally or historically significant sites. But beware of misconceptions! George sheds light on the importance of thoughtful tree management and the consequences of indiscriminate removal. Don't miss out on George's expert insights. Tune in to stay informed and take proactive steps towards a resilient community! 🌳🔥 #TreeSurgery #ArboristLife #RFS10/50zone #bushfirepronezone #GreenCompanions #arboristbluemountains #treesurgeonprofessionals

Sam doing tree surgery
Mark doing tree surgery


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