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Inspecting the Magnificent Magnolia Grandiflora

words by George Hempel @The Tree Surgeon Professionals

Inspecting the Magnificent Magnolia Grandiflora

George delves into the inspection of a stunning Magnolia grandiflora, a tree whose name translates to "big flower." This species boasts large, white flowers that can grow as big as George's hand, truly living up to its grand name. 🌸

Despite its age, this Magnolia grandiflora shows no major problems. However, upon closer inspection, George identifies some dead wood towards the top and on the other side where it mingles with other trees. Regular inspections are crucial to ensure the tree remains happy and healthy.

Magnolias are generally hardy but are somewhat prone to fungal diseases. Fortunately, this particular tree shows no signs of fungal infection. George also looks for sooty mould, which often indicates insect infestations like sap-sucking or leaf-chewing insects. The absence of sooty mould here is a good sign, indicating no major pest problems.

Magnolia grandiflora trees are relatively rare in the Blue Mountains due to their slow growth and vulnerability to being removed during redevelopment projects. George recalls a magnificent specimen at the old Woodford Station Master's House, which was lost to highway widening.

Such trees are treasures in the landscape, and it's vital to care for the few that remain. By performing regular inspections and addressing any issues promptly, we can help these beautiful trees thrive for years to come.

Sam doing tree surgery
Magnolia flower by Dave theMage


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