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London Plane Tree Remedial Pruning and Cockatoo Damage

words by George Hempel @The Tree Surgeon Professionals

London Plane Tree Remedial Pruning and Cockatoo Damage

George explains the remedial prune and tree inspection and cockatoo damage of a London Plane tree at Wentworth Falls. London Plane trees often develop large cavities, and we’re here to check how this one is coping. 🧐

Up in the branches, we’ve identified bark loss, likely due to old cockatoo damage. 🦜 These mischievous birds, often fed locally, chew on the branches out of boredom, causing significant damage. George compares them to the rowdy teenagers of the bird world!

During our inspection, we focus on the 4 D’s:

  1. Deadwood – Removing dead branches to prevent potential hazards.

  2. Deranged wood – Clearing branches that are crossing over or interfering with each other.

  3. Diseased wood – Identifying and removing any parts of the tree that are diseased.

  4. Decorative wood – Although not applicable today, it usually involves aesthetic pruning.

Our goal is to ensure this tree’s long-term health and viability. By addressing the damage and following the 4 D’s principle, we can help prolong the life of this beautiful London Plane tree.

Regular inspections and maintenance are crucial for the health of our trees. It allows us to identify issues early and take the necessary steps to address them. Remember, healthy trees contribute to a healthy environment! 🌱

Sam doing tree surgery
London Plane Tree Inspection and Remedial Pruning


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