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Navigating Tree Mishaps

words by George Hempel @The Tree Surgeon Professionals

Navigating Tree Mishaps : George Hempel's Essential Talk | Tree Surgeon Professionals. Join us for an enlightening discussion led by our esteemed director, George Hempel, on the intricacies of liability and insurance coverage when trees fall onto neighbouring properties. With years of expertise in arboriculture and a deep understanding of the legal and insurance landscape, George sheds light on crucial considerations for property owners and insurance policyholders alike. From deciphering the concept of "acts of God" to providing insights on assessing tree health and posture, George's talk offers invaluable guidance for navigating the aftermath of fallen trees.

Tune in to gain essential knowledge and ensure clarity and protection in dealing with tree-related incidents. Don't miss out on this informative session brought to you by Tree Surgeon Professionals – your trusted partner in arboriculture solutions. 🌿 #treecare #InsuranceInsights #ArboricultureExperts #arboristbluemountainsnsw


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