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Tree Inspection and Deadwooding with George : Understanding Phellinus Impact

words by George Hempel @The Tree Surgeon Professionals

Tree Inspection and Deadwooding with George : Understanding Phellinus Impact

George delves into the detailed inspection of a tree affected by phellinus, a fungus compromising the trunk's structural integrity. The owner mentioned that the tree has had this issue for 20 years. While it may not have had a mushroom for that long, it likely suffered an old injury, and we're here to assess the current damage and ensure the tree's safety.

George highlights the importance of tracking changes in trees over time. He suggests taking annual photos of your trees from the same spot, using a fixed reference point like a house or a clothesline. This method helps create a visual record, as our memories can be as short as a goldfish's. 📸

If this tree were in the middle of the bush, natural processes would handle the deadwood. However, in residential areas, we need to remove deadwood to prevent accidents. Deadwood falls off naturally, like grey hair, but sometimes it signals underlying issues that need addressing.

During our tree inspection and deadwooding, Sam noticed a musty, sweet smell from a branch, which can indicate the beginning of fungal activity and water damage. This smell, reminiscent of mulled wine or off vinegar, often signifies that the tree has lost its waterproofing and is susceptible to pathogens.

Additionally, we found a ring of kino in the branch, which usually appears between the heartwood and sapwood. This ring indicates past strain, often due to strong winds or environmental factors. George explains, "The branch was blowing strongly in the wind and just overstrained itself. Like if you pull a muscle when you're playing sport. You can run and run, then push a little harder and suddenly strain a muscle. That's exactly what's happened here. The tree has coped with it and kept growing. It's usually a historical event caused by wind. In higher mountains, snowstorms can cause similar damage, adding weight the tree isn't used to."

Regular tree inspections are essential for maintaining tree health and safety. By identifying and addressing issues early, we can help these majestic trees thrive for years to come. 🌳💚

Stay tuned for more insights into tree care and maintenance!

Sam doing tree surgery
Sam doing tree inspection


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